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Our Guide to Presentation for Sale
A good first impression can be the difference when selling your home in the current real estate market. A buyers attention must be captured and held from the moment they arrive to the second they leave. Follow these 10 steps to give your property the absolute best chance possible in achieving a fantastic result.

Street Appeal
This is where the very first impression is made so ensure your front yard is de-cluttered, the garden is tidied and trimmed and your driveway is clean and clear.

Entrance Etiquette 
Your entry is often where first contact with your agent will occur so this space needs to be clear and inviting. Remove any shoes or jackets that may reduce entry space and where possible a subtle scented candle such as sandalwood or vanilla can ignite the senses and relax the buyer.

Expecting Company
Arrange your entertaining areas as if you are expecting company. Tailor it to the feel of your home however always keep any outdoor entertaining light and casual.

What’s the Season?
Striking fresh flowers can help create a centre piece to a room in spring. Don’t go overboard a single sunflower can often be better then a bouquet. Heaters in Winter and Air-Conditioning in Summer can be the difference between a detail inspection and a quick rush through.

A Sound Improvement
Music can go along way to crafting an inviting atmosphere. Background albums such as Chillout Sessions and artists such as Enya are often thought a must but anything that suits the feel of your home at low volumes are usually fine.

Showcase the Bathroom
One of the major focal points along with the kitchen in any inspection is the bathroom. The place where we clean the day away it must be presented as if it is never used. Clean towels on their racks and floor mats away in the cupboard. And please… toilet seats down!

The Budoir
Bedrooms often sink or swim dependant on their decor. Present like a classy hotel. Clean neutral colours with extra throw pillows and fresh sheets are key. Towels laid out on the bed with a single flower adds a nice touch.

Less is More!
A quick spring and de-clutter is the easiest way to increase the feeling of space in your home. Remove the appliances and day to day items from the kitchen bench. Remove any distraction in line of sight of views or outlooks. Reduce the amount of photos and prints.

It’s not a Cave!
Where possible and weather permitting open the windows, let the fresh air and sunlight in and turn the lights on. Twilight inspections can be enhanced by candles and mood lighting but not always!

Deep Breath
Most important of all. At Ray White Bayside we are trained to provide excellent and professional advice and service. Ask our friendly sales team if they feel something could help. We do this everyday, so relax and let us do the hard work for you.

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